WATCH: Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ Gets a Sesame Street Mash-Up

Grover, Cookie Monster and Big Bird are about to ‘Get Lucky’ with the summer’s biggest hit.

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Still waiting for a mashup between Kitten Mittens and Project Runway.

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Class is now in session with professor Hicks and professor Carlin.

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Mixtape: Drake x Coldplay “October’s Very Cold”

Let’s kick off Tuesday with a mash-up of epic proportions – Canadian rapper Drake and wimp-rock tycoons Coldplay brought together for a compulsively listenable mixtape called October’s Very Cold.

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Up Torino

Okay, this Up / Gran Torino mash-up may be the greatest one this year. Much respect.

The Title Of The Movie

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WATCH: Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ Gets a Sesame Street Mash-Up

Will Ferrell & Natalie Portman Meld Together in WTF Face Mash-Up

Prepare to have your views of both Natalie Portman and Will Ferrell ruined forever. Mwahahaha!