Cartoon Sexual Innuendo Supercut

I had a feeling Bugs Bunny wasn’t so innocent and this supercut of sexual innuendo laced cartoons proves it. Oh, and that puddle of disbelief on the floor, those would be your tarnished childhood memories.

Kenny Powers as Darth Vader Mash-up

Kenny ‘Motherf%%ing’ Powers has crossed over to the dark side. Which means we can soon look forward to some drunken lightsaber fights and Princess Leia in a wet t-shirt contest.

Darth Vader’s “Noooo” Movie Mash-Up

The George Lucas edit of adding “Nooo” to Darth Vader’s climatic final scene at the end of Return of the Jedi get’s lampooned once again in this epic movie mash-up. When will you learn, George Lucas, when will you ever learn?

Beavis and Butt-head / Star Wars Mash-Up

Before you Star Wars geeks start crying over the revamped Blu-ray versions, check out the changes made. I think the new talent really adds a certain element the franchise was missing.

Portal Kombat

A Portal / Mortal Kombat fusion, could such awesomeness be possible? Just imagine the fatalities you could cook up. Coinality, Gravitality, Testicality. The possibilities are endless.

Black Dog

Someone had the brilliant idea to find random videos of people playing ‘Black Dog’ and editing them together into one supercut. From private karaoke rooms to middle school talent shows, the song remains the same.

Super Friends Meets Friends

I love a good mash-up and combining the animated classic ‘Super Friends’ with the sitcom ‘Friends’ works on a couple of levels. And call me crazy, but Courtney Cox is a dead ringer for Wonder Woman.

A Random Zelda Tune With Portal 2

We all see and hear different things, and this is for those who are reminded of the indoors music from Ocarina of Time when playing Portal. All three of you.

Every Bone Steven Seagal Has Ever Broken

Steven Seagal has been beating up the bad guys since 1988 – that’s a lot of ass kicking. Ever stop to wonder how many bad guy bones he’s broken over the years? Somebody finally counted, and its a lot.