Who won Masterchef tonight? The winner of season 6 is … Claudia Sandoval.

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Derrick Peltz is a contestant on the season 6 finale of Masterchef. We predict that he will be the winner tonight. What do you think?

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Tonight is the season 6 finale of Masterchef. Check out the elimination spoilers and winner predictions right here. Plus, get a sneak peek at the episode.

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Check out the top 4 cast members from Masterchef 2015 and see which of the season 6 contestants are destined to be winners.

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Past winners from the Masterchef cast return to join the season 6 contestants and judges on tonight’s episode.

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Check out the latest on the 2015 cast of “Masterchef”. Read on for details on tonight’s episode, winners so far, remaining contestants and the judges.

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Check out the cast of 2015 winners thus far in season 6 of Masterchef. Which contestants will make it to the finals?

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Check out the remaining cast of contestants on “Masterchef” season 6 to see who will be the 2015 winner.

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Check out the synopsis of tonight’s episode of Masterchef 2015 and check out which contestants are left from the season 6 cast. Who will be the winner?

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Check out the winning contestants left on season 6 of Masterchef. Which cast members will make it through tonight’s episode?

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Expert advice on packing the perfect basket and planning a romantic picnic from MasterChef winner Luca Manfe.

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Christina Tosi is a new judge on Masterchef 2015. She’s a renowned pastry chef and the owner of Milk Bar in NYC.

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Check out the 2015 cast of home cooks for Masterchef. In addition to the contestants, get details on the new judge on the show for season 6.

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So, who won on the Masterchef finale tonight? Was it Elizabeth Cauvel, Leslie Gilliams, orCourtney Lapresi? Read on for the answer …

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Meet Tana Ramsay, the wife of Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef star Gordon Ramsay.

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Check out the Top 5 contestants on Masterchef 2014 to see who the competition has narrowed it down to … Who will be the winner?

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