Sarah Silverman is hosting Saturday Night Live with Maroon 5. We’ve got all the details on Silverman’s boyfriend Michael Sheen and more. Read on.

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The ad campaign for Green Zone seems to be pitching it as “Bourne without the Bourne,” but this new thriller, set in modern war-torn Iraq, is plenty different from Matt Damon’s bread and butter action franchise, despite being helmed by Paul Greengrass,…

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Holy Hell, Hollywood is working overtime this weekend, with a full slate of movies hitting theaters. Comedies, dramas, movies with Robert Pattinson that ladies can watch, it’s all here. Here’s my thoughts on this week’s new releases. She’s Out Of My L…

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New movies, again? It’s like they never stop. Every Friday, millions of dollars of celluloid hit the screen, battling for our eyeballs. And our eyeballs love it! So what movie should you take in this Friday before you do something else, like wrestle a bear?

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It’s Friday, and that means new movies to mainline into your eyeballs until your armpits smell like popcorn and you bleed RC Cola. That’s a scientific thing that actually happens if you watch too many movies. Let’s get to the releases. Jennifer’s Body…

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