Payne is Coming

Max Payne 3′s latest commercial highlights the South American crime world that Max finds himself in with violent slow motion gunplay over a soundtrack of “Tears” by Health.

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This Week In Gaming News

Nintendo DSi sends a perv to the pen and cupcakes send a strong message to the developers behind Mass Effect 3. It’s not exactly been your average week in gaming news.

Max Payne 3′s Gameplay Does Not Disappoint

The bullets fly and the kills come fast in this multiplayer clip from Max Payne 3. The game takes a cue from The Matrix with “bullet time” in which time slows during gunplay, allowing characters to foresee and dodge incoming bullets. Crazy.

Max Payne 3 is Back With a New Trailer

Are you getting pumped for the return of Max Payne? In the new trailer we find out a little more of the third installment’s back story and the cause of Max’s troubles. Surprise, surprise, it’s a woman.

This Week In Gaming News

Other than helping to upturn a piece of legislature that threatened to piss all over the first amendment, it’s been a slow week for video game news. Oh, besides a little zombie outbreak happening in November.

The Design Behind Max Payne 3

Aside from the almost robotic narration, Rockstar has put together a pretty cool insider’s look into the design of Max Payne 3, including Max’s physics and killing strategy.

Max Payne 3 Debut Game Trailer

Check out a first glimpse of the long awaited return of Max Payne. We may have to wait nearly a year for the game to come out, but the trailer for Max’s São Paulo excursion looks promising.