Drunk girls who got violent at a McDonalds drive-through got tasered by cops after resisting arrest. One of the girls holding a beer claimed to be pregnant.

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A homeless man caught a possum by the tail and put it on a leash, claiming it is a dog and that it’s favorite food is the McDonald’s “Big Mac.”

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This undercover video confirms all your worst fears about fast food meat factories.

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Joanne Lavoie needs new friends. While eating a McFlurry in the passenger seat, her “friend” taps the brakes and causes her to almost vomit.

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A fast food worker put the brakes on a girl attempting to “cone” him. The prank involves grabbing ice cream from the top. Nobody think it’s funny.

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A Reddit-user and McDonald’s restaurant worker was cleaning the restroom when he came across something fishy.

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A teenager named Stian Ytterdahl got a huge tattoo of a McDonald’s receipt on his arm. Check out the crazy tattoo pic as well as the story behind the ink.

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McDonald’s has decided to end its 40-year relationship with Heinz Ketchup because the condiment company’s new CEO, Bernardo Hees, used to run Burger King.

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Have you ever led police in a car chase because you were drunk and just wanted to finish your Big Mac sandwich from McDonald’s? … Me either.

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Before McDonald’s famous golden arches, it was “McDonald’s Famous BBQ.” Check out the evolution of company logos from the most recognizable brands of today. Coke, Doritos, NFL, and more!

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Charles Ramsey, the Cleveland kidnapping hero who helped save three women held captive for 10 years, will never have to pay for a burger ever again.

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McDonald’s is being criticized for reaching out to kidnapping hero Charles Ramsey after talking about visiting the restaurant before rescuing the captives.

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If you guys want to start a petition to bring this to America, I would sign it.

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The McBrawl to end them all!

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A not-so Happy Meal…

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Watch as he confuses a bunch of Mcdonalds employees… although to be honest, It doesn’t take much to confuse a McDonalds employee.

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