The world’s most revered fighting robot heads back to his retro heyday with the Mega Man Legacy Collection. Here’s our review.

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These NYCC 2014 comic book panels are perfect for fans of Marvel, DC, IDW and more well-known comic publishers.

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These panels are what all the comic book heads in attendance at SDCC 2014 need to attend.

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Brick walls across the world have been adorned with beautiful video game graffiti.

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These T-Shirt’s are perfect for any gamer’s apparel.

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Head to the local movie theater in your dreams if you wanna see these video game films.

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Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat finally goes down…in a wrestling ring.

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The comic book world will offer fans some cool panels to attend during NYCC 2013.

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Video game movies usually suck, but these fan made movie posters based on them are always sweet.

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You have to check out these awesome video game cosplayers.

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Get all the games that made your childhood matter with these dope compilations.

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The Wii U, coming to 2012! Steam on an iPhone! Indie Games: The Movie: The Show! And so much more.

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It’s our animation blow out of the year and it just may warp your mind beyond repair.

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Deus Ex may be riding high among the half man / half machine video game titles at the moment, but it all goes back to the little guy in the blue suit.

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Fans prayers have been answered and Mega Man Legends 3 is on the way! But they’re gonna have to work to get it.

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This week’s new games take us back to the world of Metal Gear Solid, lets you rock out with Green Day and swing some clubs with Tiger Woods.

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