A Florida woman’s mugshot is causing waves after her name was discovered to be an homage to “crystal meth.” Only in the Sunshine State, right?

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From bikini model to meth head arsonist. Everyone, meet Sara Barnes: the dope head who set a tree older than Jesus on fire.

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Citizen Brick, a toy manufacturer that adamantly states it’s NOT “LEGO,” has come out with a “Superlab Playset” that has nothing to do with “Breaking Bad.”

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Jordanna Thigpen, the neighbor of award-winning journalist Michael Hastings, said the night of his death he thought his car had been sabotaged by the government.

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David Traywick, the younger brother of singer Randy Travis, has been arrested along with his wife for allegedly operating a meth lab.

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The toddler suffered burns to her lips, mouth, tongue and esophagus.

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Lotto-winning idiots create Power-Fire-Ball.

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