“Metro Redux” polishes “Metro 2033″ and “Metro Last Light” and offers them in a much more refined product.

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Madden NFL 15

Here are the video games you need to save some dead presidents for come August 2014.

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2013 was an epic year in the world of video games.

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So who’s gonna win the big one at this year’s VGX awards show?

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These amazing shots of video games were taken at 4K resolution on a high-end PC.

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We’re in the middle of 2013, so let’s count down the best games released thus far.

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Here are the video game you need to save some dead presidents for May 2013.

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The Dark Ones aren’t the only enemies you’ll be dealing with…

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Get more acquainted with this post-apocalyptic FPS.

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Remember that game that took place in a post-apocalyptic world (Rage, Planetside, Ryse, Bulletstorm)? Well, Metro Last Light is different, cuz it takes place in Moscow. See, already totally new and original!

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