Check out the best GIFs and mashups from the first seven seasons of Dexter.

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Will Dexter be going under his own knife this time? Showtime just released the official trailer for the final season and it looks “killer.”

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It’s slim pickings for this week’s new releases. Maybe there’s something from last week you haven’t checked out yet?

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What’s new on what used to be called “home video?” If you were in the theater in, say, November, you already know. A bunch of this week’s releases didn’t do as well critically as I think they deserved to – let’s see if there’s any hidden gems…

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New movies hit theaters today, as they do every Friday. It’s time to start hitting back.Extract – Mike Judge tries to recover from the disaster that was Idiocracy with a new flick about a guy who runs a vanilla extract company. Are there really any vanilla extract jokes…

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