Kathleen Glynn and Michael Moore divorce after 21 years, and according to sources, millions of Michael’s fortune are at stake. Divorce documents are provided.

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Can a gruesome picture say a thousand opinion-changing words? Moore thinks he can repeal the 2nd Amendment if only he can get his hands on the crime-scene photos from Sandy Hook.

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The night was full of disappointment or exhilaration, depending on which side you were rooting for, and there were plenty of idiotic opinions to go around.

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Summer’s over, so it’s time to get a job! Before you head back into the work force, celebrate Labor Day by sitting on the couch and checking out some of the best odes to working men and women available on Netflix Instant.

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Aliens, Trolls and Celebrity Impressions: Beat the heat this weekend with the alien menace of Super 8, the giant beasts of Trollhunter and the road trip shenanigans of The Trip.

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With the Oscars over and done with, you might be looking to shore up your home video library with some new flicks. Well, we can help you out there, buddy – this week sees quite a few new releases on DVD and Blu-ray that will satiate any moviegoer’s hungry…

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It’s movie time, ladies and gentlemen, as your favorite overpaid Hollywood douchebags spend more money than you’ll ever see in your life to get their whimsical dreams and revenge fantasies up on the big screen. This week, we have a fat Communist, some dancing teenagers…

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