Sarah Silverman is hosting Saturday Night Live with Maroon 5. We’ve got all the details on Silverman’s boyfriend Michael Sheen and more. Read on.

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Michael Sheen stars in Masters of Sex as well as in Sarah Silverman’s love life as her boyfriend. Read on for the details on Sheen …

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Michael Sheen and Sarah Silverman have been dating since February. They’ll share the screen in Masters of Sex’s Season 2, premiering on July 13.

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Masters of Sex debuts its Season 2 premiere on July 13. Here are pictures from the first episode.

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Masters of Sex debuts its second season on July 13. Here’s a look at the drama we can expect as Bill and Virginia’s relationship is taken to the next level.

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Masters of Sex debuts its second season on July 13. They released this new trailer with a sneak peek into all the drama that awaits in the coming episodes.

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Lizzy Caplan has a diverse acting resume that spans everything from Mean Girls to Masters of Sex. Here are some of her red carpet looks.

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Lizzy Caplan plays sex researcher Virginia Johnson in Masters of Sex. As the show enters its second season, let’s look at the 31-year-old’s career history.

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This fall, Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan star in a new showtime series chronicling the lives of human sexuality pioneers William Masters and Virginia Johnson.

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A breathtaking special effects extravaganza whose big ol’ Disney heart transcends its often jarring script problems and the rather disturbing sight of Jeff Bridges made younger via CG assist.

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