The Islamic State has officially claimed an attack at Karak’s Crusader castle that killed 10. 4 ISIS militants stormed the area with machine guns and hand grenades.

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The Islamic State has purportedly released a video threatening Bahrain, titled, “Bahrain – Where is it Heading?” It also threatens Saudi Arabia. Intermixed in the video is footage of sharia law punishments.

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In lieu of the US-Russia deal for a Syrian ceasefire, an ISIS fighter has echoed a promise by the Islamic State that if the “terrorist capital” of Raqqa falls, ISIS will resurface in North Africa.

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On the one hundred year anniversary of the secret British-French accord that created post Ottoman Empire boundaries in the Middle East, the Islamic State has purportedly released a statement.

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In a newly released computer game by the Polish Destructive Creations, players have to defend continental Europe from an Islamic State invasion in the year 2020.

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Anna Therese Day and three other unnamed American journalists were detained in Bahrain while covering the fifth anniversary of the Arab Spring uprising.

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Officials say they have received “assurances” that 10 U.S. Navy sailors being held by Iran will be returned safely and promptly.

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