The Jimmy Show: Dwarf Tossing

Dwarf tossing has been outlawed since 1989, but that’s not stopping David Flood. A little dude with a big cause, Dave is a dwarf who’s fighting for his right to be tossed.

The 20 Awesomest Midgets

These 20 short dudes may not have much height, but they’ve got the awesomeness of two men. Oh, and there’s a midget stripper in here somewhere and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to see that?

Tiny Entourage Returns September 8th

It’s time for the big boys to make way for the new hotness – Tiny Entourage. Our smash hit viral video series is returning with brand new episodes on Wednesday, September 8th.

In The Ring With Half Pint Brawlers

We got in the ring with the stars of Spike TV’s new series “Half Pint Brawlers” to see how much damage a midget could really do to a normal-size man. The answer: quite a lot!