Chris Evans is playing a superhero hero yet again in Captain America: Winter Soldier. Although he’s been in multiple blockbusters, he always stays humble.

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Before you make plans for this weekend you should know: a movie called “The Roommate” is coming out, and it has Minka Kelly in it. Don’t understand why that means you should rearrange your weekend? Then you need to check out this gallery.

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Enough people needed a horror fix this past weekend to make The Rite the #1 movie at the box office despite universal bad reviews. This week we have two major releases, but between you and me, one of them appears to be in the process of being quietly buried.

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Minka Kelly, the same babe that was named “Sexiest Woman Alive” in the Esquire magazine does a spread in the latest GQ Magazine! Don’t miss out on the pictures.

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