Infinity Ward is at the helm 2016’s Call of Duty installment, Infinite Warfare. Here’s everything you need to know about this major November gaming release.

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Enter to win one of two Assassin’s Creed Xbox One Bundles or one Modern Warfare Xbox Bundle from now until December 19.

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The Modern Warfare 2 “Resurgence” Map Pack has been released. Now you can download five maps (three new ones and two re-done ones) for only 15 bucks.

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It’s funny because he got what he deserved!Thanks Dave!…

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Every week, I find five things that make me proud to be an American. This week patriotism came smooth and easy – dogs, video games and gambling. Let’s go!

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It’s New Video Game Tuesday! An official holiday in Angola and the Belgian Congo, and if you write your local Congressperson you can maybe get American on board as well.

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