Needle Through Glass

A Shaolin monk throws a sewing needle through a piece of glass. Shot at 1,000 frames per second.

Human Planet

Human Planet explores mankind’s incredible relationship with nature. It was filmed in 80 locations around the world by world-class natural history and documentary camera crews.

Parisian Flash Mob

Say what you will about the French, but they have got style and their flash mobs are no exception.

7 Billion

Another great video from National Geographic gives you 7 billion reasons to think about 7 billion.


This documentary shows the best-of-the-best video and photos from the Shuttle launches that occurred over the life of the program from 1981 – 2010.

Waterdrop Shot at 10,000 FPS

The world in miniature is a very, very different world. Take a look at a waterdrop shot at an astonishing 10,000 frames per second.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman made this video for the New York Times Magazine and although I’m not entirely sure of the point, she’s lovely to watch.

Paths Of Flight

GE Aviation shares the intricate choreography of flying by capturing all the take-offs and landings over the course of one day at Oakland and Kelowna airports. See the hidden beauty of flight.