BMW i8 Spyder Concept Teaser

The new BMW i8 Spyder tries to bridge the gap between hybrid and supercar, two disciplines that traditionally do not cross. While this is only in its concept stage, BMW has been hinting that it’s all but guaranteed to reach production.

Ride the Enduro-Cross City Scramble Track

Red Bull City Scramble created one of the most technical and challenging Enduro-cross tracks in New Zealand. Chris Birch gives us an inside look at the innovative track and the obstacles the competitors will encounter.

Ford GT Sets Insanely Fast World Record Standing Mile

257.7 mph is ridiculously, incomprehensibly fast for the average person. Sean Kennedy is not your average person. That’s the speed he posted as the new world record after one mile from a dead stop. A big credit goes to his Hennessey-modified twin turbo Ford GT cranking out 2,000 horsepower, most of which can probably be attributed to that sweet camo wrap.

Extreme Triumph Speed Triple Off-Road

Icon rider Julien Welsch takes his Triumph Speed Triple where it’s never gone before, or at least probably shouldn’t, dirt tracking and even stunting on trails through the woods.

Self-Driving Car Takes Legally Blind Man to Taco Bell

Meet Steve Mahan, legally blind, who joined Google for a special drive in their self-driving car to experience being behind the wheel in a whole new way. They organized this test as a technical experiment, but think it’s also a promising look at what autonomous technology may one day deliver if rigorous technology and safety standards can be met.

The Best Moto April Fools’ Jokes

With April Fool’s Day finally over, we look back at the best of this year’s pranks and false announcements from automotive companies around the globe.

Sit Shotgun at Le Mans Laguna Seca

Take the passenger seat with Ken Dobson and Gunnar Jeannette during an American Le Mans Series race at Laguna Seca to see firsthand just how awesome it is to drive an open-roof Le Mans car around California’s best track.

Even the Dark Knight Gets Pulled Over

There’s been a rash of sightings lately of a man known simply as “Lamborghini Batman”. But it seems that even super heroes aren’t immune to traffic laws. Lamborghini Batman, it turns out, is just a good citizen that spends his free time doing appearances for sick children in the hospital.

The Kings of Kustoms

Ever since Henry Ford created the assembly line, there have been car customizers determined to break the mold. There are a select group of these artists that set the bar for all the rest. Their original creations establish trends that are imitated for decades. They are the best of the best, they are legends, they are true Kings of Kustoms.

Chasing Summer: Home Away From Home

On this section of Kendall Norman and Quinn Cody’s 2800 mile journey through Baja the boys scifen some gas to make it to their home away from home, La Paz. There they are able to relax, hit the beach, and replace the much needed tread on their tires before heading off to the party capital.