Same Stance, New Generation

I met with Casey Ketterhagan in the Harley-Davidson Design group a few months back and was happy to see him featured in this short that looks at the group building a new generation of motorcycles.

The Perfect Lap

MotoGP is the premier championship of motorcycle road racing. Rider Andrea Dovizioso of the Repsol Honda Team discusses key elements of the sport overlaid on footage shot at 1,000 fps.

Motorcycle Tooth Pull

Loose tooth? Just hook a motorcycle up to it, give it some gas and yank it right out. Child’s play.

In Complete Control

To test motorcycle skills, riders practice sharp turns on a marked course. It’s boring as hell unless you’re a badass motorcycle cop who can handle it at speed.

Shutter Speed

This behind-the-scenes short was commissioned to accompany an exhibition of photographs by Scott Pommier featuring East Side Moto Babe Stacie London.

Choppertown: The Sinners

Kutty Noteboom sets out to build a chopper on a shoestring budget with his good friend Rico and the rest of the Sinners. Watch the first 10 minutes of the documentary “Choppertown: The Sinners”.

Meet Walt Siegl, Custom Bike Builder

Walt Siegl builds incredible custom motorcycles in a workshop tucked away in an old textile mill in New Hampshire. We paid a visit to learn more about the man and his incredible machines.

Walt Siegl Motorcycles

Get a firsthand look at Walt Siegl, his workshop and his incredible custom motorcycles in our exclusive high-resolution photo gallery.

Ever Seen Motorcycles Breakdance?

This is one of the more unlikely situations you’ll ever see on a race track. Two motorcycles lock wheels during a crash and still running, proceed to breakdance like there is no tomorrow.

Inside Harley-Davidson’s Dark Custom Line

The Dark Custom line from Harley-Davidson pays tribute to the dirt tracks and drag strips, the uninhibited spirit of motorcycle culture. Explore the full line of Dark Custom motorcycles.