Uday Marty was killed on Mount Rainier in Washington. Here’s what you need to know about this Intel VP and the questions surrounding his death.

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Matt Hegeman, Mount Rainier guide

Matt Hegeman, a California resident, has been identified as one of the six climbers who likely fell to their deaths on Mount Rainier in Washington state this weekend.

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mark mahaney, mount rainier

Mark Mahaney is one of the missing mountain climbers on Mount Rainier’s Liberty Ridge. He is a St. Paul, Minnesota native and experienced at climbing.

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Six mountain climbers are feared dead after falling off of Mount Rainier’s Liberty Ridge to a 3,300-foot drop in an avalanche-prone area in Washington state.

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scientist, fall, mountain

John All, an American professor, was scaling Mount Himlung in Nepal’s Himalayas when he fell seventy feet down an icy hole. He got it all on camera.

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