The Dude Abides

Check out this clip from ‘Jeff Bridges: The Dude Abides’ a documentary on the cult classic that gives an in depth look into the Coen brothers’ and Jeff’s creation of The Dude.

Could This Be The Greatest Action Movie Ever?

It’s a bold statement to make, but this compilation of scenes from ‘Deadly Prey’ may well catapult it to the status of the greatest action movie ever. After all, it’s not every movie a man is beaten with his own arm.

A Star Wars Christmas

After the 1978 Star Wars Christmas Special received poor reviews it was put on the shelf and never aired again. Luckily, we’ve stumbled upon this new and improved special to share with all of you.

Filmography 2010

Scenes from every major 2010 movie skillfully edited into a continuous flow. Biggie would be proud.

Bollywood Knows Action

Not sure what Bollywood film this is from, but don’t worry about the language barrier. Just keep this in mind next time you need to take out a helicopter.

Aliens Gets Tronitized

Someone took the painstaking liberty of adding a touch of Tron to the final fight scene of Aliens and it made my day. Let it make yours.

Leslie Nielsen Remembered

One of Hollywood’s great slapstick funny men, Leslie Nielsen, recently passed. Check out this classic clip of him at his best in Naked Gun.