It’s a very powerful word. How many different ways can you say it? Not that many actually, but it always makes you seem badass. Give it a try.

Happy 61st Bill Murray

It’s Billy Murray’s 61st birthday, so here’s a little clip of him in doing some of his best work; Rushmore.

Tom Selleck’s Mustache

I don’t think we’ll ever really know just how important Tom Selleck’s Magnum PI mustache has been to the world, however this montage shows us that there is hardly a film in the history of cinema that wouldn’t be improved with a good dose of Magnum-stache.

Keep On Walking!

Name that back! A great supercut of some of Hollywood’s most famous folks walking away.


Check out this excellent supercut of werewolf movies set to TV On The Radio’s “Wolf Like Me”, about a werewolf first date.