Governor Rick Perry of Texas has been booked on abuse of power charges. He has denied the charges against him. See his mugshot here, released by Travis County Sheriff’s Office.

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Jeremy Meeks is the convicted felon that has captured the hearts of women all across America. The Stockton man has become a social media sensation.

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A Florida woman’s mugshot is causing waves after her name was discovered to be an homage to “crystal meth.” Only in the Sunshine State, right?

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On Catfish tonight, a man named Antwane was searching for his longtime love who he’d never met when the crew came across a mugshot …

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Christopher McDonald was arrested for a DWI early this morning. Many know him as Shooter McGavin from the movie “Happy Gilmore.”

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A now defunct Tumblr posted people’s mugshots compared to their profile pics. Take a look at these images of people in their best of times and worst of times.

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