Phonat “Love Hits The Fan”

Loving the old-school vector graphics style of this new video from Italian-born, London-living electronic musician Phonat. It’s rare that a video so perfectly matches the audio like this.

Kutiman “I’m New”

If you haven’t heard of Kutiman yet, you’re in for a huge treat. The highly talented DJ uses YouTube as his instrument, crafing amazing songs out of people’s self-recorded solo instrument videos. Check the track “I’m New”.

Niconico “Bad Apple”

This song “Bad Apple” is maybe not the kind of jam that I would normally listen to, but the video is a truly amazing thing – all black and white shadows, animated so amazingly fluidly that I can’t figure out how it was done. Check it out.

Die Antwoord “Zef Side”

How else do you explain this clip by Die Antwoord? This had better not be a joke. I don’t think my heart could stand it. Rhyme-busting starts at about 45 seconds in.

A Place To Bury Strangers “In Your Heart”

Also known as APTBS, these guys combine industrial, new-wave and shoegaze to blistering effect. Their influences range from The Cramps to The Church to the Cocteau Twins, and the Washington Post dubbed them “the most ear-shatteringly loud garage/shoegaze band you’ll ever hear”.

Today In Music History: The Birth of Rakim

William Michael Griffin Jr. or as you know him, Rakim. Born in Wyandanch, NY today in 1968, Rakim became one of the most influential, skilled, and all-around badass rappers ever. In case you need a refresher, here’s “I Ain’t No Joke” from 1987′s classic album, Paid In Full.

KRS-One and Buckshot “Robot”

You can say what you want about KRS-One’s post-BDP work, but you can’t deny that this takedown of the autotune movement is an absolutely crushing song. Hip-hop needs less robots.

The xx “VCR”

The xx are one of the most buzzed-about bands working today, rocking a Young Marble Giants-style minimal indie sound that has us swooning. Check out the new video for “VCR”.