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What’s New In Music: Sleigh Bells, Grimes, Dustin Wong

This Week: Sleigh Bells power chord their way back with Reign Of Terror; Claire Boucher Visions as Grimes; Ex-Ponytail guitarist Dustin Wong transcends; Indie-folk virtuoso Damien Jurado’s releases album number ten.

Spotlight: Amazing Musical Moments on Late Night TV

Ed Sullivan breaking The Beatles was a game changer, but that era is long gone as bands skyrocket to popularity with the help of a well placed video or sound byte. Still, folks know the importance of a knockout performance on a late night stage with the likes of David Letterman or Jimmy Fallon. Here are some game changers from recent history.

Spotlight: Moon Duo

San Francisco’s Moon Duo started out as a side project for Ripley Johnson of Wooden Shjips. Joined by Sanae Yamada, the two have three solid releases and are due for another this year. Hypnotic, droning, their sound is unique.

The Rapture “Sail Away”

A weird one from The Rapture. Frontman Luke Jenner and his still undeniable voice sail away in Brooklyn on….a mylar pouch (?) while the rest of the band plays oversized conch shells.

Pictureplane “Black Nails”

The new one from Pictureplane. Shot in Russia, there’s all kinds of religious iconography mixed in with live footage and, you know, black nails. From this year’s Thee Physical.