Octomom Nayda Suleman cheats welfare funds by gaining some extra money on the side through her masturbation porn tape. She now faces fraud and even prison!

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Nadya Suleman says she’s excited and honored to be nominated for four AVN awards for her solo movie. “They like me! They really like me!”

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The Octomom has a Xanax addiction. That’s as surprising as when Amy Winehouse died. What? Too soon?

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Orange County D.A. doesn’t find enough evidence to warrant an investigation.

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Nannies for Octomom say her home was the scene of child-on-child sexual abuse and physical abuse, plus shocking neglect by the mother.

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Arguing for dollars? Guess it’s easier than celebrity rehab or porn, right?

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Excessive fertility is certainly something that can get you in trouble, but it takes a special mix of babymaking and utter insanity to get you a spot on the Trainwreck 100.

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