Ebola is a viral hemorrhagic fever with purported origins in Africa. But could it be that scientists created the virus plague as a bio-weapon for mass genocide?

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Do you love history? Check out these cool pictures from one of the first pics of the Sphinx to color prints of Nazi war planes to Woodstock and more. Fascinating.

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A Philadelphia man has died awaiting extradition back to Germany to face Nazi-era war crimes. Johann Breyer immigrated to Philadelphia in 1952 and worked as a tool maker until he retired.

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Venture capitalist Tom Perkins warned of a coming “progressive kristallnacht” in a letter to the WSJ this weekend. Here’s what you need to know about him.

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With the discovery of the Kazakh Pentagram, we wonder what other major mysteries are viewable on Google Earth. Area 52, Forest Swastikas, Alien Cathedrals and more …

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Heavy spoke with the brother of Michael Karkoc, a former Nazi commander, was recently found in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Michael Karkoc, a 94-year-old Ukrainian and former Nazi commander, has been found living in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Did you see the signs?

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A painting that depicted Hermann Goering as the morphine-addicted fiend that he was is out of the vault and up for auction.

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The prosecution argued the dad’s skinhead beliefs had nothing to do with his child’s motives.

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