“Need for Speed” is coming in March 2014, but Aaron Paul and his crew are celebrating early.

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We’ve got every exciting move trailer that was shown during the 2014 Super Bowl!

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Check out the official movie trailer for “Need for Speed” that aired during the 2014 Super Bowl.

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Make that special gamer of your’s happy with any of these gift recommendations.

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These amazing shots of video games were taken at 4K resolution on a high-end PC.

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Here are the video game you need to save some dead presidents for come November 2013.

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He will always be Jesse in my eyes.

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Tune in here for live coverage of EA’s Gamescom 2013 live stream event.

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“Need for Speed” is moving into the next generation.

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Talk about the big guns: Halo, Assassin’s Creed, Ultimately Marvel vs. Capcom, and more. This may in fact be the biggest week in 2011 as far as new game releases go!

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