New On Netflix: Kick-Ass

Real-world violence and would-be superhero heroics don’t always mix in director Matthew Vaughn’s uneasy adaptation of the super-hip comic book series.

Best of Netflix: Troubled Marriages

No one can turn love into a battlefield quite like Hollywood. Here are a few films where marriage isn’t so much a contract of mutual compassion but a source of heavy (and we do mean heavy) conflict.

New On Netflix: Jason Goes To Hell

This bizarre and gory tale of demonic possession is the most ghoulishly creative entry in the Friday the 13th series, at least until our hero blasted off into outer space in Jason X.

New On Netflix: Last Man Standing

Bruce Willis has two guns — one for each side as he walks the line between a couple of Prohibition-era gangs in Walter Hill’s mobster take on Yojimbo.

New On Netflix: eXistenZ

David Cronenberg wants you to play. Or does he? Connect your game pod to your bio-port and find out the truth. Play it. Live it Kill for it.