New On Netflix: True Lies

Arnold Schwarzenegger rides a horse through a hotel and Jamie Lee Curtis does an unforgettable striptease in James Cameron’s romantic comedy disguised as an action movie.

Best Of Netflix: Witchy Women

They definitely cast a spell. Get a dose of double double toil and trouble with these flicks now a’brewin’ on Netflix Instant.

New On Netflix: Midnight Run

Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin made for a surprisingly dynamite team in this action comedy classic, now on the run at Netflix Instant.

New On Netflix: The X Files

Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully investigated the big screen for the first time with this round-up of conspiracy theories, alien invasions and government cover-ups, now available on Netflix Instant.

Best Of Netflix: Lady Cops

No one can take a bite out of crime quite like a lady cop. Here are a few flicks featuring lawwomen who always get their men, all available for investigation on Netflix Instant.

New On Netflix: Daybreakers

All the world’s a vampire in this bloody good “What If?” drama from the Spierig Brothers, now available on Netflix Instant.

New On Netflix: Insomnia

Al Pacino gives one of his career-best performances as a cop who can’t sleep in Christopher Nolan’s unsettling thriller, now ready to keep you up all night on Netflix Instant.