Without citing any evidence, Donald Trump claimed there was voter fraud in New Hampshire. He’s not the first Republican to be concerned about it.

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Were Michigan and Arizona called for Donald Trump? Was New Hampshire called for Hillary Clinton? Why weren’t those states called right away?

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Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are relying on winning New Hampshire on November 8th. What are both candidates’ chance of victory there?

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In addition to President, Senate and House seats, New Hampshire voters also vote for Governor in 2016.

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A new poll from New Hampshire shows Donald Trump even with Hillary Clinton, while another shows her up by a single point.

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New Hampshire has become a battleground state this election cycle, as Hillary Clinton’s clear lead has eroded. One poll even shows Donald Trump ahead.

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Latest U.S. Senate polls shows control of the Senate is for grabs as a number of races are still toss ups. Democrats have a chance to take control.

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A “mentally ill” man who believed he had been implanted with a radio transmitter by the government is accused of shooting two cops in New Hampshire.

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Richard Simone was arrested after a police pursuit in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Videos show police punching repeatedly him at the end of the chase.

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Videos taken by news helicopters show police officers punching a suspect at the end of a chase that began in Massachusetts and ended in Nashua, New Hampshire.

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Bernie Sanders has won the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary. Watch video of his victory speech here.

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Taylor Woolrich, a student at New Hampshire’s prestigious Dartmouth College, may drop out of the school because of their anti-gun policy. Woolrich has been stalked by a man in San Diego since she was in high school.

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Abigail Hernandez was missing for nine months, now the 15-year-old is reunited with her family, but nobody knows where she’s been all this time.

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Michael Nolan, 47, allegedly shot and killed police officer Steve Arkell moments before his Brentwood, New Hampshire, house caught fire and exploded on live TV.

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One person may have died from a rare and incurable condition called Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease and that 13 other patients may have been exposed to it.

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Former Republican Senator Gordon Humphrey from New Hampshire emailed Edward Snowden to thank him for his leak of the NSA’s massive surveillance programs.

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