Airline stocks plunged after it was revealed that the latest patient to contract Ebola in the U.S. boarded a flight the day before her diagnosis.

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Rob Park & Ronan Ryan are both featured in “Flash Boys,” a book by Michael Lewis about high-frequency trading.

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Brad Katsuyama is in the news after declaring that the stock market is “rigged.”

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Confused by high-speed trading? This clever video explains high-frequency trading using the plot of Superman III.

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High-speed trading, aka high-frequency trading, is a complicated concept. This video breaks it down in under 60 seconds.

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High-speed trading isn’t new, but the practice has recently come under fire. Learn why so many experts are scared of high-speed trading.

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Want to know how much shares will cost?

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Twitter is trading as a publicly traded company today so who will get rich from their IPO? These are the top 5 people you need to know.

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Check out the best tweets about Twitter’s IPO — from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to across the globe.

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The New York Stock Exchange decorated for Twitter’s opening.

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Today is the first day of trading for the Twitter IPO on the New York Stock Exchange. Watch the live stream here.

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Trading will continue off-site and electronically despite the storm.

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