Cassandra Elizabeth Sutton is a paraprofessional from Rochester, New York who was fired after bragging that she ‘caught a n***er’ and cursing on Facebook.

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A man tried to scale Trump Tower with suction cups, causing a spectacle.

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Photos capture the vivacious spirit of murdered jogger Vanessa Marcotte, a Google employee from New York City.

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Murdered jogger Karina Vetrano loved butterflies, Instagram selfies, and writing about life, death, sex, and love. Family members recalled her vivacious spirit.

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In a haunting blog, murdered jogger Karina Vetrano wrote about love, murder, Satan, and her own funeral.

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Vanessa Marcotte, Karina Vetrano and Ally Brueger were all murdered while jogging between July 30-Aug. 7. Are the cases similar? Exploring the details.

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Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees are holding a sudden press conference on Sunday. Is Rodriguez retiring?

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Bill Bratton, resigning as New York police commissioner, is a legendary police chief known for crime declines, but he faced controversy over police abuses.

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Michael Blake, a Bronx assemblyman, accused a New York police officer of excessive force just days before reports say Commissioner Bill Bratton is resigning.

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New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand spoke at the Democratic National Convention Monday night to make the case for Hillary Clinton.

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Kirsten Gillibrand is the senator of New York. She’s also a mom with two children. Here’s a look at her family.

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What happened to Donald Trump’s second wife, Marla Maples? It turns out she made an appearance at the Republican National Convention.

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Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani is speaking at the Republican National Convention Monday. Here’s a look at his family.

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An 18-year-old tourist from Virginia had his left foot blown off in an explosion, possibly caused by homemade fireworks, while climbing on rocks in New York City’s Central Park.

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A former escort says that she had sex with two members of the NYPD’s top brass on a flight to Las Vegas at the behest of a prominent Brooklyn businessman.

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A Pennsylvania gun store owner whose daughter died of a heroin overdose was arrested at the Holland Tunnel with two other people and a cache of guns.

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