Grizz, an airport security dog, was shot in an Auckland, New Zealand airport. Controversy has sprung up around the shooting of the puppy.

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Dame Ngaio Marsh is celebrated on her 122nd birthday with a Google Doodle. Marsh was a New Zealand-born writer known as one of the ‘Queens of Crime.’

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Sweeney and Alder were en route to New Zealand to watch their beloved Newcastle United play in a pre-season tour.

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An opinion piece by correspondent Jeanne Moos about a royal trip to New Zealand by Prince George and his family quickly deteriorates into veiled racism. How low can she go?

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The chain was formed by quick-thinking local police officers.

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A man was mauled to death by a 14-foot shark on Wednesday as he was swimming in the waters of Muriwai Beach in New Zealand

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Sources are reporting that there have been at least five deaths from the tsunami.

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“That little ball of fluff you own is a natural born killer.”

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Inspires you to want to just write a message in a bottle and chuck it out to sea, doesn’t it?

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Without charity support the former heavyweight champion is not allowed to enter the country.

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