Stanley Ford has been charged with arson in the fire of his neighbor’s house, which killed five adults and two children.

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Ariana Grande has suspended the rest of her European tour after a suicide bomber killed 22 fans at her Manchester concert.

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BBC journalist Ben Brown appeared to touch a woman’s breast while trying get her out of a live shot. Find out more about the incident and Brown here.

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The most popular toy in the world has become quite unpopular with teachers and school officials. Find out more about the history of the fidget spinner here.

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David Timothy Deakin is an Illinois man accused of filming sexual abuse of young children in the Philippines for child webcam sex trafficking.

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During Sally Yates’ testimony before a Senate Subcommittee, Twitter users became distracted by an annoying photographer.

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Chris Stapleton’s follow-up to his Grammy Award-winning debut album Traveller, From A Room: Volume 1 comes out on May 5. Find out more about the album here.

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After Taylor Dumpson became the first black female elected student president at American University, hanging bananas and racist messages were found on campus.

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“Jam band” legend Col. Bruce Hampton collapsed during the final song of a tribute concert held in honor of his 70th birthday Monday night. He died shortly after. Watch the video here.

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Two police officers were shot in Paris, forcing the busy Champs-Elysees to be shut down. Here are videos and photos from the scene shared on Twitter.

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Reports are surfacing that Fox News is on the cusp of cutting ties with longtime host Bill O’Reilly. If that happens, who would replace him?

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Results of a special election in Georgia’s 6th congressional district Tuesday didn’t determine an outright winner. Because of that, the race heads to a runoff.

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Neighbors of ‘Facebook Killer’ Steve Stephens claims that he saw Stephens torture pets and wear a snake around his neck when Stephens was younger.

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Facebook vowed to improve its review process after the video of Steve Stephens allegedly killing Robert Godwin stayed up for over an hour.

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Philadelphia Police confirmed that they searched for ‘Facebook Killer’ Steve Stephens, but there’s no indication that he was at Fairount Park.

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Cleveland Police Chief Calvin D. Williams is leading the investigation and search for Steve Stephens, who is suspected of posting a murder on Facebook. Here’s a look at his life and career.

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