Stanley Ford has been charged with arson in the fire of his neighbor’s house, which killed five adults and two children.

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GoFundMe says it will make sure that over $20,000 raised for the family of Robert Godwin, the man whose murder was posted on Facebook, will go directly to his family.

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Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the network and Roger Ailes, and it’s filled with a salacious look at The Five.

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Caitlin Miller is a 5-year-old North Carolina girl who was suspended from kindergarten for a day because she pretended a stick was a gun.

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A video of Jennifer Williamson’s son Aaron getting a TSA patdown has gone viral on Facebook. She says that she and her son, who has sensory processing disorder, were ‘treated like dogs.’

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Brad Byrd gave social media a reason to troll Cracker Barrel after he said his wife Nanette was fired. The restaurant still hasn’t said why she was let go.

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Keith Palmer is the Metropolitan Police officer killed in the London terror attack on March 22. Here’s a look at his life and the attack.

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Martin McGuinness, who died on Tuesday at age 66, was married to Bernadette for over 40 years. Here’s a look at their life and four children.

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A powerful image of Staff Sgt. Kyle Smith saying farewell to his dog Bodza has gone viral. Here’s a look at their unbreakable bond.

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Stephen Gutierrez is a Miami lawyer who ended an arson trial… by lighting his pants on fire. He says he didn’t do it on purpose.

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Al Lavender was the mayor of Newburyport, Massachusetts. He was killed in a plane crash in Methuen.

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Sgt. Buddy Hughie was an American hero and died 10 years ago this week during the Afghanistan War. CNN anchor Jake Tapper paid tribute to him on Twitter.

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Takiya Holmes was an 11-year-old girl shot in Chicago over the weekend. Antwan Jones was charged with her murder.

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A United Pilot complained about her divorce and Donald Trump in a bizarre scene, using the intercom so all of the passengers heard it.

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Baltimore police have released graphic body camera footage of the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Curtis Deal while he was out on bail.

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Harold Lee Massey, a North Carolina funeral home director and gospel singer, faces 81 charges related to child sex abuse.

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