Peter Neffenger, the head of the Transportation Security Administration, answered tough questions today about issues surrounding the TSA including long lines at security as well as his former head of security.

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Vester Lee Flanagan, AKA Bryce Williams, is the alleged shooter who killed reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward of WDBJ-TV live on-air in Moneta, Virginia.

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On August 24, an Olympics gymnastics coach was arrested on charges of suspected child molestation. Marvin Sharp, 48, owner of Sharp’s Gymnastics Academy, was detained by local and state police after a female students filed a complaint about the coach with the authorities.

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With the highly-anticipated Fox News debate hours away, the question now is which candidate will be the first to break the rules.

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On the evening of August 4, the University of Alabama-Birmingham Hospital reported a possible Ebola case. There haves been only 4 confirmed Ebola cases in the U.S.

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With Fox News announcing who is in and out of the prime-time debate, it’s time to meet the runner-ups.

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The August 6 debate, hosted by Fox News, however, will not be the only debate among the Republican primary candidates. The Republican National Committee has announced 13 debates and forums in its sanctioned list of debates, compared to the Democratic National Committee’s list of just 6 debates.

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ABC7 Chicago has released the personnel record of Texas Highway Patrol Trooper Brian Encinia, who was the officer behind the traffic stop that led to Bland’s arrest and death.

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On July 31, the Kyodo news agency reported that a panel of Japanese citizens ruled that three former Tokyo Electric Power Company executives should be indicted for failing to take the precautions to prevent the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

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TV and Radio broadcaster Chris Evans has just been named as the new presenter of Top Gear. Here’s what you need to know about his net worth and spending habits.

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With 2015 forecast to be one of the closest general elections in living memory, who’s won, and who’s lost?

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Thursday’s UK General Election is forecast to be one of the closest in living memory. Here’s how to watch events unfold live online and on mobile.

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Nicola Sturgeon is SNP leader and First Minister of Scotland. While not standing in Thursday’s UK election, she’s a major player in determining its outcome. Here’s what you need to know about the woman who could be kingmaker come the end of the week.

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Ed Miliband could very well be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom by the end of the week. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Prime Minister David Cameron is facing the closest UK election in decades. So, you know, how tall is he? How old? How rich? Who’s his wife? Here’s the lowdown on all the important stuff.

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Here’s a compiled list of the top, funniest viral news bloopers for the month of April 2015.

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