A Nightmare On Elm Street: The Making Of A Remake

We’ve all been chased by something horrible in our dreams, and we (quite naturally) long to re-live that terror. If we’re still running from the thing, we’re still alive. And the quintessential “horrible thing” in our dreams is a man by the name of Freddy Krueger.

Spend Halloween With Freddy

If you’re looking for somebody to spend Halloween with, we recommend curling up with Freddy Krueger.Check him out in the revamped version of Nightmare on Elm Street.

Full Release: DVD/Blu-Ray

This week’s new releases on DVD and Blu-Ray disc include the Karate Kid remake, the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, and two original gross-out horrors: Splice and The Human Centipede.

A Nightmare On Elm Street Review

Rewinding back to the original film, placing it in the present day, and casting a new actor behind the scarred mask of Krueger. How does the new Nightmare On Elm Street stack up?

Full Release: Movies

This week’s new flicks include Freddy Krueger returning from the boiler room, Michael Caine kicking ass, Brendan Fraser vs. the animal kingdom and… the Human Centipede.

Nightmare On Elm Street Poster

The very first poster for the upcoming Nightmare On Elm Street remake has dropped, and it ain’t bad. The series is all about the iconic Freddy Krueger, after all, so it’s a no-brainer that he’d take center stage…