Jedi Ninjas

Ninjas + Jedi light sabers, this just may be the extinction of all mankind as we know it, or the most awesome thing in the history of the universe. It could go either way.

Improv Ninja Fight

Mom always said, “Be careful if a street ninja challenges you to a duel. You may be ambushed by a Canadian Improv Group.” These guys learned that the hard way.

Stop Motion Ninja Battle

Two ninjas go to battle and in keeping with customary ninja etiquette, somebody’s going to have to die. Hey, tradition is tradition.

Retro Viral Video: Ninja Nuns

After the sisters of this abbey judo chop your ass into next Sunday, they’ll be sure to gather around and pray over your black and blue body.

Birth Control Ninja

Maybe you’re not ready to start a family yet with your significant other, and your girl isn’t going for the pill. Perhaps you should offer her Birth Control Ninja. Cuz nothing keeps the white-tailed penis demons at bay like a tiny deadly assassin.

The Real Fruit Ninja

Think you’re the ninja master of fruit on your iPhone? One man thought the same thing and decided to try it out in real life. Grasshopper still has much to learn.

13 Assassins

Director Takashi Miike’s epic samurai adventure tells the story of a group of assassins come together for a suicide mission to kill an evil lord.