Nintendo DS
What’s New In Games This Week

We’ve got a fresh crop of new games for you this week. Everything from winter action sports and demon hiring, to a little robot hunting just to keep things interesting.

The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Review

The Legend of Zelda franchise is a mysterious beast – ostensibly one of Nintendo’s crown jewels, it’s been through a number of perplexing changes in the past few years, and there’s arguably not a single sequel….

Nintendo Reveals Their Plans For The First Half Of 2010

Earlier today, Nintendo made a TON of announcements regarding their plans for the next couple of months. Some were what we’ve all been expecting, but others were genuine shockers!   – The new, oversized DSi that was primarily designed for folks with poo…

Nintendo Announces DSi LL

Oh, come on. Do we really need another iteration of the Nintendo DS? We’re just getting used to the new features of the Nintendo DSi when word comes out from the big N that there’s a new one coming down the pipe, with a bigger screen. Seriously, dudes, w…