These games will get your daughter or nieces quite addicted to the art of cooking.

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We’re going to remember Tom Clancy by counting down his top 10 video games.

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Nintendo is releasing a kid-friendly edition of the 3DS.

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These are the anime fighting games that you’d launch a Spirit Bomb for.

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Time to dust off that 3DS for a Nintendo flashback. And if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to kill that punk Leon S. Kennedy, now’s your chance. Plus, some ninja action to round out this week’s new releases.

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We’ve got a fresh crop of new games for you this week. Everything from winter action sports and demon hiring, to a little robot hunting just to keep things interesting.

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Nintendo’s E3 press conference featured the unveiling of the 3DS as well as lots of old friends – new Zelda, new Kid Icarus, new Donkey Kong and more.

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It’s a brand new week, plus a brand new month, and a slew of new releases are hitting both the virtual and brick & mortar shelves. Yet the key names involved are anything but new, yet sometimes, familiarity can be a good thing.   Mega Man 10 (WiiWare) -…

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Earlier today, Nintendo made a TON of announcements regarding their plans for the next couple of months. Some were what we’ve all been expecting, but others were genuine shockers!   – The new, oversized DSi that was primarily designed for folks with poo…

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The release dates for a number of Wii and DS titles for Winter 2010 were recently unveiled. This includes Tatsunoko vs Capcom (Jan 26) and No More Heroes 2 (“late January” was all that’s been given), both of which are mighty fine games that one should n…

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