A new survey has found that more women are playing Pokemon Go than men, and the average player is a 25-year-old woman making $90,000 per year.

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Pokemon GO had a huge launch party in downtown Dallas Saturday, and the lures and catches were crazy! See photos and stories from people at #PokemonGoDallas.

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The color shirt you choose has never mattered more. Show off your wisdom and logic with some epic Team Mystic swag!

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Want to show your love for Pokémon Go’s Team Valor? Here are some of the best fan-made wallpapers for desktop and mobile.

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Hoping to get more candy and stardust in Pokemon Go for free? Follow these steps to evolve and power up your Pokemon without paying any real money.

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It’s clear that Pokémon Go is a complete phenomenon, but how big is it, exactly? How many people have downloaded it, and how many play it every day?

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Is your Pokémon dangerously low on HP, or have they fainted after a battle? Here is how you can revive them and restore their health.

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Using a special cheat in Pokémon Go, players can get Pikachu as their starter instead of Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur.

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Pokemon Go has taken the mobile phone world by storm, sending Pokemon trainers all over in search of pocket monsters to train. But gyms where they battle have popped up in funny places.

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Will Niantic increase the speed limit for users trying to hatch eggs in incubators? Frustrated Redditors who want to hatch egg faster point to the fact that bicycles are used in the console “Pokemon” games.

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The Pokémon Go servers are constantly crashing during this first week. Are they down right now? Here is how to check.

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Pokémon Go’s Team Instinct is the least popular group in the game, but they have still made some impressive gains. Who are they and what do they believe?

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Team Valor is one of three groups in Pokémon Go. Who are they? How are they different from Instinct and Mystic?

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For the discerning Pokémon trainer, not all battery packs are made equally.

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From a dead body in Wyoming to robberies in Missouri, crimes are being solved and caused by Pokemon Go. Learn more about problems and warnings with the new smart phone game.

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Pokémon Go’s Team Mystic is represented by Articuno, and it is the most popular of the three groups. Here are all the memes and facts you need to see.

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