Should Wii U owners go out and cut down some helpless bums in “Hyrule Warriors?” Our review will give you the answer to that important question.

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Does Mario Kart 8 uphold the great legacy of Nintendo’s racing series?

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There’s a bunch of awesome video games that may or may not make an appearance at E3 2014.

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Here’s our official E3 2014 schedule lineup!

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Greninja may just become a new fan favorite in the new Super Smash Bros.

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Super Smash Bros. fans got a healthy offering of new info on the Wii U/3DS sequel.

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Here’s our guide to playing Nintendo games on your iPhone, without the hassle and risk of jailbreaking your device.

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These playing cards will showcase your Link and Zelda fandom.

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Nintendo unveiled some pretty sweet footage of their upcoming games for 2014.

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Battlefield Hardline

Here’s some more incredible games that you’ll want to play in 2014!

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