Alolan Rattata in ‘Pokemon Go’? New ‘CoroCoro’ Scan Shows Dark-Type Rattata

The September 2016 issue of CoroCoro has leaked, and along with new Pokemon Sun & Moon information about Ultra Beasts, an Alolan Rattata is shown next to a screengrab for Pokemon Go.

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Nintendo has finally revealed the release date of their new wearable device Pokemon Go Plus.

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Super Mario Maker 3DS Announced

It looks like Nintendo has at least one surprise in store for us this year, as the company announced Super Mario Maker for 3DS.

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Looking for nests of rare Pokemon in your area? Here are the lists and maps you need to use to catch them all.

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‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’: Team Skull Based Off Pirates

Images of the antagonists in Pokemon Sun & Moon were released today. Team leaders include Guzma and Plumeri, who appear to confirm fan theories that they are based off pirates.

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‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ PokeDex Leak Suggests Multiple Starter Evolution Typings

Following a post on 4chan yesterday by a user known only as “sun moon leaker,” fan theories about multiple evolutions for Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio depending if they are evolved during day or night may be true.