DAPL protesters at Standing Rock are facing eviction by federal authorities from the Oceti Sakowi camp in North Dakota. Watch a live stream here.

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Donald Trump signed executive orders advancing the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock (DAPL) and Keystone XL. Trump once had investments in Energy Transfer Partners.

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Dakota Access Pipeline protesters (DAPL) say they were tear gassed on Martin Luther King day, and a legislator wants to legalize driving into protesters.

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Water protectors at Standing Rock are celebrating a victory, as it was announced today by the U.S. Army that they will instead seek another route. See the celebration here.

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The U.S. Army has announced that they won’t grant an easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline. Though protectors are celebrating, there are still many questions.

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The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe announced today that the Army Corps of Engineers have halted the construction of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline and that it will be rerouted in order to conduct an environmental impact study.

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Chris Turley, a veteran who was wounded in Afghanistan, journeyed over 800 miles to join protesters at Standing Rock. Watch his arrival here.

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Click here to watch footage of tonight’s march at Standing Rock. The video shows the blockades and barbed wire keeping protectors from passing through, while the people peacefully try to save their water.

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A witness at the scene where Sophia Wilansky’s arm was blasted at Standing Rock says police targeted the woman. One thing is for sure, and that is that something went horribly wrong November 20 at what was supposed to be a peaceful protest.

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U.S. military veterans are raising donations on Go Fund Me to head to Standing Rock to protect protesters in the Dakota Access Pipeline controversy.

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Protesters of the North Dakota Access Pipeline have messages to share this Thanksgiving Day. You can watch them here.

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A woman may lose her arm after a concussion grenade apparently went off in a violent response to protests at the North Dakota Access Pipeline. See photos of the woman, other injuries and scene here.

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Red Fawn Fallis has been charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer for allegedly firing shots at the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests.

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A call for Facebook users to “check-in” at Standing Rock, North Dakota in order to confuse the Morton County Sheriff’s Department with fake geotargets allegedly aims to help Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protesters. Is it real or fake?

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Dakota Access Pipeline protesters, who call themselves Water Protectors, say they were put in dog kennels and had numbers drawn on their arms during mass arrests.

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Dakota Access Pipeline protesters and law enforcement clashed on October 27 as officials prepared to forcibly remove protesters from private property. See videos.

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