Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad, a 48-year-old graduate student from Oslo, Norway, is being held hostage by ISIS. See photos of him here.

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Alex Lyngaas’ mother, Eva, has been single for some time. The pair live in Norway but Alex hopes to make the dating pool larger for his mom with this video.

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Ylvis of Norway is the hottest music group you’ve never heard and is responsible for the cult song “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)”

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The Norwegian navy was looking to get rid of the KNM Trondheim and also needed something to use missiles on for target practice. They put cameras on the vessel.

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Two police officers in Norway just want to take a drunk man in a park to a safe place to sober up. But the drunkard is unruly and these officers are patient.

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With Snowden’s possibilities of getting asylum in Latin America slowly fading, the 30-year-old whistleblower turns his eyes to an open-minded Northern Europe.

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#TalibanHitSongs is trending on Twitter. Here’s some of the top tweets you need to see.

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Norway has helped the Taliban become a legitimate political group

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Inside sources say Adam Lanza may have been trying to outdo Anders Breivik, who slayed 77 people in Norway.

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The 27 tons of cheese burned “almost like petrol,” shutting down the miles-long tunnel.

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Basse Andersen of Norway is the Most Easily Scared Person in the World, and there’s finally enough video to show the world. Marvel at this champion of panic.

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So Mulders worldwide are pissing their briefs about the appearance of some mysterious lights over Norway. This isn’t your usual weather balloon and swamp gas stuff – instead, it’s bizarre blue-white spirals with squiggly lines shooting out from the center…

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