As Carmelo considers leaving the Knicks for a new team, meet the woman who has the most influence over that choice.

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The couple were spotted at a Knicks game sporting some major PDA. Are they an item or a one-game stand?

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Here’s the cringeworthy new trailer for the documentary about Jeremy Lin’s time with the New York Knicks.

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Former Knicks guard Ray Williams passed away at the age of 58.

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The Bulls may have won the game, but the Knicks won where it really counts: The post-game interviews.

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Isiah Thomas is coming back to the Knicks. Ready your suicide katanas, Knicks fans, the good times have ended.

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The Knicks City Dancers recently held tryouts for their 2010-11 team and hundreds of talented and beautiful women showed up to display their talents in hopes of joining the team.

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