It’s Fleet Week 2017 and New York has a jam-packed schedule. Get the info on the dates, the ships in NYC and events.

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James Rackover has been named as a suspect in the murder of Joseph Comunale. Rackover is the “surrogate son” of celebrity jeweler, Jeffrey Rackover. Click here for photos and more on this breaking story.

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In an article from the newest edition of the Islamic State “Rumiyah” magazine, ISIS suggests that the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade would be “an excellent target” for a terrorist attack.

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L train service between Manhattan and Brooklyn was suspended on Thursday morning due to a smoke condition on the subway.

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Slowed down footage of Hillary Clinton stumbling before getting swept away in a black van at the September 11 anniversary ceremony in NYC appears to show a mysterious piece of metal falling out of her pant leg.

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A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State shows a suicide bomber getting ready to bomb Times Square in New York City just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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A rowdy, confrontational young woman harassing a man on the subway for “being poor” got justice served to her when she decided to slap him. The man hit back.

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Demi Lovato is using her celebrity status to support gay rights as the host of the Pride Dance, part of NYC Gay Pride 2014.

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Underwear and donkeys. Okay.

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During last night’s thunderstorm, an incredible lightning show was on display over Manhattan. Check out this video of the One World Trade getting struck.

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An NYPD police officer showed up to an underground dance battle not to bust it up, but to join in.

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A normal Monday morning commute in NYC turned scary when a rat got on a subway train at Fulton Street before entering the tunnel to Brooklyn. Does it bite?!

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Nathan W. Pyle, who became famous on Reddit for his reflections on New York City etiquette, has released special Christmas edition pictures. His book is out in 2014.

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The serial artist has just added to his street collection. The NYPD is not amused.

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Ominous clouds are gathering as New York and the Northeast brace for an epic thunderstorm with possible tornadoes.

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The subway is a rolling museum of human oddity. If drunk Power Rangers or Mariachi bands make you nervous then you might want to take a taxi cab.

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