Desperation sets in for some NFL teams trying to salvage their season this week, making for some interesting action. Here’s everything you need to be a big winner in Week 7.

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Everything you need to know to be a big winner against the spread this week in the NFL.

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“Casino” Joe looks to get back on the right track as a 5-7-1 Week 4 has put his team below the .500 mark overall (28-30-2), but a good Week 5 will have them right back in business going forward.

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All the advice you need to beat the spread and the Vegas wiseguys to have a winning NFL Week 4.

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“Casino” Joe looks to bounce back from the 7-8 ATS Week 2 (17-14 overall) picks to a winning week in Week 3. Many tough games this week as we have suspensions, distractions and deactivation(s) to factor in to each betting line.

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How do you replace the greatest?

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