Stanley Ford has been charged with arson in the fire of his neighbor’s house, which killed five adults and two children.

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Claudena Helton, a mother in Dayton Ohio, is accused of shooting her two children in the head.

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Thomas ‘Tommy’ Hartless was identified as the shooter who killed two nursing home employees and Police Chief Steven Eric DiSario in a mass shooting in Kirkersville, Ohio.

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An active shooter was reported at a nursing home in Kirkersville, Ohio, and a police officer was shot.

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Dennis Dunn is accused of holding his neighbor captive in a pit in a shed in his backyard in Blanchester, Ohio.

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Accused Cleveland Facebook killer Steve Stephens “Stevie Steve” is dead and committed suicide in Erie, Pennsylvania. PA police used a pit maneuver after a citizen spotted him at McDonald’s.

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Steve “Stevie Steve” Stephens, the accused Facebook killer being sought for a Cleveland murder, had a valid concealed carry permit to carry a gun, police say.

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The accused Facebook killer Steve Stephens manhunt continues as location clues and sightings were reported in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

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Police in Erie, Pennsylvania say they have no knowledge of Steve “Stevie Steve” Stephens being there despite reports that his cell phone pinged in that county.

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There is no evidence that accused Facebook killer Steve Stephens is in Virginia, police said, after someone posted a threat under the name Stevie Steve.

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Steve “Stevie Steve” Stephens has not yet been arrested. Cleveland police say that, as well as Ohio, he may be in Indiana, New York, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

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Steve Stephens has not been arrested and a manhunt is underway. Listen to Cleveland police dispatch scanner audio live broadcasts as they try to capture him.

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Steve Stephens’ job history includes children’s behavioral health work with Beech Brook. Read about the employment of the man accused of Facebook video murder.

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Steve Stephens (Stevie Steve) is accused in Cleveland of a Facebook video murder. Learn about his family, including girlfriend Joy Lane and mother Maggie Green.

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Tres Peterson is accused of being the suspect who killed three people in a domestic violence-related shooting in Canton, Ohio.

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Cornell Beckley and Deondre Davis are accused of being the suspects in the Cameo Nightclub shooting in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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