The Legend of Pac-Man

Link finds himself in an alternate gaming universe in this Legend of Zelda / Pac-Man mash-up. Hope the little guy is ready to take on some ghosts.

Pac-Man: The Movie

Okay, it’s not a big budget Hollywood version, but it’s an incredibly well done short film. Set in the future, this Pac-Man centers around a top secret government project at an underground maze compound.

Urban Pac-Man

Pac-Man has had enough of the 8-bit world and jumped into reality to chase down some ghosts.

Old School Video Game Art

If you don’t look at Donkey Kong and Zelda as art just yet, Gallery 1988 is about to change all that with their tribute to classic 8-bit video games.

Pac-Man Run

I’m digging this real life Pac-Man, complete with fruit, ghosts and a much needed soundtrack update.

The Stupidest Thing You’ll See All Morning

These guys pay “tribute” to the classic Pac-Man arcade game by running around and annoying people in public dressed as what else, but ghosts and fruit. It’s moronic jackassery at its best.