Christmas is extra special when it’s your “first” as a couple, in a new home or with a new baby. We’ve found fifteen perfect ornaments to celebrate the occasion.

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Tablets for kids are a mentally stimulating form of entertainment, and can provide a safe parent-controlled environment to learn about the web.

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I’m not going to lie, but I kind of want some of these kids gadgets for myself!

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Are your kids constantly losing stuff? Do you find it hard to get your kids to eat anything healthy? Here are 20 cool gadgets that will help.

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Whether you are a parent to a toddler, a kid, or a grouchy teen, these books can help.

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A father at an electronic music festival jams out to the phat beats while wearing a fanny pack and ankle high socks. His son pretends not to notice.

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It’s Mother’s Day, the holiday where we celebrate motherhood and the woman in our life who raised us. Check out these pictures of people celebrating.

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A new ad campaign by Project: BreastFeeding hopes to destroy the social stigma of women breastfeeding in public.

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You say some pretty weird stuff when you’re a parent.

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Amanda Bynes receives a two-week extension on her 5150 hold for psychiatric evaluation due to showing schizophrenia signs and tendencies. Her parents speak out!

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Jay-Z gives a tearful testimony about being a good father to Blue Ivy in a Samsung commercial. His new album releases on Sunday and includes a song about her.

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Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus are seen cuddling during a family outing on Sunday. The two look like they could be patching things up in their marriage.

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While possessions lost in a burglary are replaceable, a burglar took something from one couple that cannot be replaced.

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If you’re going to have children yo might as well make their lives as miserable as possible, right?

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