Lisbon Parkour

Freerunner Storror and his crew invaded the city of Lisbon in Portugal on an acrobatic adventure, proving,for them, gravity isn’t an issue.

This is Freerunning

Ryan Doyle does his best “Assassin’s Creed” impersonation in this awesome freerunning highlight reel he put together for the Red Bull Launchpad.

Freerunners Take Over a War-Torn Deserted Island in Kuwait

The Art of Motion pits some of the world’s best free runners against each other in a 36 hour event, ending in a competition to see which team can film and edit the best video showing off their skills on both sides of the camera within the short deadline. Storming deserted Failaka Island in Kuwait, these international athletes tore the place apart in an awesome display of acrobatics and creativity.

Parkour Dog

The goal of Parkour to move from one point to another as quickly and efficiently as possible. You’ve all seen people doing it in viral videos, but a dog?

Awesome Parkour Kid

This kid probably isn’t a teenager yet. Yet he’s pulling off some of the craziest parkour moves I have ever seen with the elegance of a figure skater.

Yet Another Parkour Fail

All the cool kids are jumping off buildings and rooftops these days. And all the dumb kids let their friends film it and post it online. Check out the latest installment.